Donate Car for Tax Credit | How to Get Tax Deduction for Donating a Car

Donate Car for Tax Credit – Donating your car to get rid of it and to help a good cause like a charity organization in need of the proceeds is really nice. You can simply call the charity organization of your choice and start the process of car donation.

But when you wish to donate a car for the tax credit, this becomes more complex. IRS allows taxpayers to claim tax deductions from the profit from their car sale. However, if you intend to go into donating a car for the tax credit, you need to know more. There are important aspects you need to take into consideration when donating your car for the tax credit.

Important Aspects to Consider when Donating your Car for Tax Credit

It’s a whole different game when you are donating your car for the tax credit; there are important things you need to consider if you want to earn tax benefits.

Donate Car for Tax Credit
  • First, you need to know all about the tax bill in your country and how it affects your car donation for the tax credit. Earning tax benefits from car donation depends on two factors now. This includes; how much fair market value your sold car gets. And then, how the profits from car sale were used by the charity you donated to. Yes, earning tax benefits from car donation is now more complex than it used to be. This is why you need to calculate to know your standard tax deduction and how much of the deduction rate you will get from your car donation. It is often advised to consult your tax preparer. Or financial advisor before deciding on donating a car for the tax credit.
  • Before you can select a charity organization to work with, it must be an IRS recognized charity organization. You can only claim tax reduction from car donation only when the charity organization is a recognized one. Also, you can confirm with the IRS to know if the charity organizations are qualified by either calling them. Or contact them through their website.
  • You also have to consider the concept of Fair Market Value, the fair market value of your car is determined by two factors. You also need to know what price a buyer is willing to purchase your car at. And the price a seller is willing to sell without being under any kind of coercion. However, there are still conditions that determine if you get to claim your car’s fair market value, which are:
  • You get to claim a deduction from the fair market value of your car when charity auctions your car for $500 or less. Furthermore, you can either claim the fair market value or $500, but have to choose the lesser one.
  • You can claim a deduction of the fair market value of your car when the charity intends to use the car for work purposes.
  • Then finally, you can also claim a deduction when the charity intends to make massive improvements in the car. Please, note that it’s not just any routine maintenance.
  • The last condition for claim deduction is when the charity sells the car to a needy person at a price that is quite below the fair market value.

If these conditions are met, then you can claim a deduction from your vehicle’s fair market value.

  • Another important aspect you need to consider is documentation; you need to keep a record of tax receipts and documents for every transaction that took place during the car donation process. However, you need to get proper documentation from the charity organization before submitting your tax return form. You need to keep proper records of information like Name and address of the charity. Date of donation, place where you donated your vehicle, Description of vehicle and legal receipt from the charity.

Steps on How to Donate Car for Tax Credit


  • To donate your car to charity, you have to first fill an online form of a charity of your choice. You can also do it by calling such charity on the phone. If you want to claim tax reduction with the car donation, then you need to ensure the charity is an IRS recognized the nonprofit organization.
  • You have to check with the charity organization to know their procedures of sending you your receipt. It varies from one charity to another, while some send you tax receipts during the pickup which you can use to claim tax reduction of $500, others might just email you the receipt. To get to know more about these charity organizations, and if they are good, you can check the IRS website. And also get to know more about the procedures involved in claiming tax reduction from car donation.


  • Certain factors affect the amount you will be allowed to deduct from your tax. Factors like the price your car was sold at and if your car is considered a fair market value car donation. If your car qualifies for a fair market value tax deduction, you will receive additional tax paperwork after the sale of your car.
  • If you plan to claim a tax deduction from car donation on a particular year’s tax, then you need to donate the car before the last month of that year. The charity should have the car before the ending of December if you wish to claim tax reduction from it.

You need to itemize your tax reduction during tax time and know the tax benefits you will gain from car donation.

  • Before you set out to donate your car for the tax credit, you need to ensure the charity really needs your car. You also have to calculate the benefit you will gain as a tax credit when donating your car.


You need to have the proper documentation from car donation, every detail is important, starting from the name of the charity organization, address, your car description down to legal documents and receipts from a charity organization.


Donating your car for the tax credit is a whole lot of work. There are lots of aspects you need to pay attention to if you really want to get tax benefits from car donation.

You need to take factors like choosing the right charity organization, determining your car’s fair market value and doing a lot of paperwork before filing your tax return form.

You need to know that before you can claim a deduction from car sale, there are important factors to be considered. We have outlined them in this article. Donating your car for the tax credit has to do with lots of calculation and carefully set out plans. If you can put up with the necessary work involved in donating your car for the tax credit, then you can earn tax benefits from car donation.    

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