How to Find Allstate insurance Agents near me

When in search of a renowned insurance company in the United States, Allstate insurance services stand out as one of the top contenders. Rated as the largest personal line insurer in America. Allstate has a track record of great products and services.
Founded since 1931 and headquartered in Northfield Township, Illinois. The company has widespread outreach in the States and also in Canada.

Brief History of Allstate insurance
Allstate insurance was initially a retail tire line under Sears but was later spun off by Sears to become a full-time auto insurance company. The company officially went into business on April 17, 1931, providing auto insurance coverage via direct mail to its customers. Allstate is estimated to have over 43,000 employees on its payroll serving over 16 million homes in America.
The Allstate website was officially launched in 1996, and in the same year, the company created a network of call centers to meet customer demands better.

Allstate insurance services

The company over the years has grown into one of the biggest insurance providers in America boasting huge returns.
The Allstate insurance services have four major insurance offerings on its platform which includes;
The Allstate Auto insurance: Allstate makes it extremely easy to get an auto insurance quote whenever needed. Just visit the website, fill out the required information which is mostly your details and address details too. After which you can then proceed to get full details of the Allstate car insurance quote.
Allstate Home insurance: also on Allstate, one can easily get details of the firm’s home insurance policies. Details of how you can track an Allstate insurance agent near you is also available on the website. It’s recommended you contact an agent who’ll always be available to answer whatever question you need about the Allstate insurance policies.

Allstate insurance services

Then, Allstate motorcycle insurance & Allstate Renter’s insurance: same as with the Allstate car insurance, you can get a quote for the rented property you are looking to insure by visiting then filling out the required details.
And finally, the Allstate Life insurance policy: at, you can get a customizable term life insurance quote. Just visit the site, fill in the required information proceed to get a quote based on the selections you made.

How to Find Allstate Agent Near Me

The website makes it very easy to locate an Allstate agent within your vicinity; you can search via zip code/city and state or search the name of any Allstate agent you know. There’s also a broader option where you can browse the Allstate directory and search agents in all states in the US. Also, you can check out the directory page here

Allstate mobile

Allstate provides a free and easy to use mobile platform for their customers. The mobile platform offers full access to customers including policies and claims information and other support options. This is an added advantage for their customers because, with the mobile app, you can access your account at any time and anywhere.
The Allstate mobile app is available in google Play-store and Apple-store. has more financial market articles for you.

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